Social Media in PR

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blogs, are all examples of social media. Social media can benefit an organization in many ways but there are many things that they have to consider before beginning to use social media for Public Relation purposes. According to Ardath Albee, the five things that an organization should consider are prospect preferences, content, resources, long-term commitment, and connection points.

A company or organization has to be aware of what purpose and to whom they want to target.
Will the content be personal or professional? When using Facebook or Twitter there is a sense of having a personal connect with the subscriber, but the company has to know how to be professional about what they post on these social media websites. Content is the other thing that they must consider. Do the companies have a significant amount of information and is all the content related and focused to what they are trying to say? Resource is the third thing that they must consider. Does the company have a significant amount of people that will spend time working on these social media sites. Long-term commitment is very important. Social media is not something that you can start and then not continue with it and expect to see amazing results. The company needs to be able to follow up and put commitment and time in to the social media. The last thing is that a company has to have connection points. A company needs to be able to integrate what they post on social media sites with what they are trying to promote.

Many organizations and companies use social media well and follow all the five considerations. From what I have experienced on being a subscriber of Facebook, I have noticed that The Cheesecake Factory uses social media very well. The Cheesecake Factory has great coupons and does a great job at promoting their newest cheesecake on their Facebook page. And, the best thing is that they get many positive responses by the Facebook users. On the other hand, there are also many organizations that use social media poorly. For, example, in late 2009, the company, Skittles failed in its social media campaign. It didn’t provided any content of its own, the little content that they did provide was neither valuable nor engaging.

Social media can be extremely helpful for many organizations and companies as long as they do it right and consider the five things before beginning to use social media.