Taxing Sugary Soft Drinks!!

            How would you feel if Congress decided to add an extra tax to your favorite soft drinks? Just because certain drinks have a higher context of sugar then others, doesn’t mean that they should just put an extra tax on them.  Where will congress put the limit on which drinks will have the added tax and which will not?  Today it may be soda, but tomorrow it could be your favorite brands of chips, coffee, bacon and eggs, or even burgers!

            The public relation agency that is representing the soft drinks industry would have to have a quick reaction to this situation if the law of taxing sugary soft drinks were to pass. The taxpayer/costumers are the most important focus in the eyes of the public relation person. They have to look out for the industry that they are representing in order to have a successful company. A good way for the public relation to approach this situation is target the taxpayers as much as possible. The most responsible and respected way to counter-act to this issue is to announce to the public that “yes, these soft drinks do contain a high level of sugar, but as long as consumers consume the product responsibly and do not abuse the use of it, then everything should be ok.” The public relation department should stress the importance of a daily exercise.

This is definitely a problem that the public relation agency can solve more successfully. Advertising and marketing could help by promoting their product and coming out with more appealing commercials. There is a slight difference between public relation and advertising and marketing. The role of a public relations department is to seen as a reputation protector of the company, while marketing and advertising deals more with the product itself.  

If the law of taxing sugary soft drinks were to ever pass, there would be many other organizations and industry that would be affected by it. For example, fast food industry might form a coalition with the soft drink industry to fight this issue, because it would affect their business tremendously. Many fast food restaurants rely on many of their sales on soft drinks. They would have to pay more for their bundles of soft drink, and in order to keep their profit high, they would have to up their prices of their meals, which in a long run will not help the consumers.

Many people argue against the fact to add higher taxes on sugary soft drinks. Mr. Keane announced that “when it comes to losing weight, all calories count regardless of the food source”. He makes a very good point because sodas are not the only things Americans consume that are not good for them. Another good point from Mr. Keane is, “ the bottom line is that taxes aren’t going to make anybody healthier. It’s not going to make a dent in a problem as complex and serious as obesity, and we’re certainly not going to solve the complexities of the health care system with a tax on soda pop.”



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